Human Rights Now More Than Ever

As the entire world calls for social distancing to combat this unprecedented crisis, governments now more than ever need to practice inclusion and avoid further marginalisation that can leave certain vulnerable groups at greater risk.

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Freedom of Expression

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Counter Extremism

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Refugees & Migrant Rights

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Global News Happening Now

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More than 30 Jamaican nationals who came to the UK as children set to be deported next week

The British government is preparing to deport a number of Jamaican nationals who arrived as children, reneging on a previous agreement to not remove people who came to the UK before the age of 12.

At least 34 people are due to board a charter flight to Jamaica on 11 August 2021, many of whom have lived in the UK from childhood and have little to no ties to their place of birth.

The Movement for Justice campaign (MFJ) has said that it intends to investigate the case of every individual deportee … Read more →


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Tigray’s looming humanitarian crisis

Eight months of brutal civil war in Tigray have left millions of vulnerable people starving. Nearly a third of the population of Ethiopia’s northernmost state is displaced, and the death toll is estimated to be in the thousands. Despite a ceasefire declaration, humanitarian access remains heavily restricted and aid agencies have not been able to reach those in desperate need of help.

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2020 has been an unprecedented year for us all. The effects of the pandemic has left many combatting crisis, some more than others. And while the world is learning to adapt we must now more than ever address Inequalities, end discrimination and build solidarity to avoid leaving vulnerable groups with greater risk. Now more than ever we must #PutHumanRightsFirst. Who are the world’s most vulnerable? Refugees Overcrowded and unhygienic refugee


The Turkey Tribunal has been set up in collaboration with International Observatory of Human Rights to establish a framework to review the current situation in Turkey and the promises made by the Turkish government to improve their dire human rights record.


The International Observatory of Human Rights is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of 4 innocent Yemeni journalists who have been sentenced to death by the Houthis for simply doing their job of covering the war in Yemen.

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